Prevent HIV, Pope Benedict XVI Bless Condom Use


     After decades of the Catholic Church opposes the use of condoms, Pope Benedict XVI finally approve it. But the blessing of a special condom use to reduce the risk of infection from HIV / AIDS.
     "The Catholic Church did not entirely reject the use of condoms. Obviously, this is not a moral solution to the real thing. In this case, the use of condoms aim to reduce the risk of transmitted infections, condoms can be the first step," said Pope as reported by the Telegraph, Sunday (21/11) .
     Pope asserted, this is the best policy in the fight against the deadly disease. In some circumstances the use of condoms is better to protect human life.
     Pope's decision is intended specifically to halt the spread of infection to their partners, especially in Africa where the disease is growing with the 'fertile'.
     During this criticism came as Pope Benedict XVI opposes contraception, including condoms. Pope says condoms actually cause health problems and not much help control the virus.

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