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     Do you already know about what is traffic? if you are a blogger or websiter certainly is not foreign. This time we will discuss about the visitors from abroad. okey? is a site that will display the address or blog url or links which we will install later on that site.
     Well, I get the access rights so that our blog address displayed / shown on the site, then we must first look at Web sites that are already installed on the site. The site is known as surf. It means we have to do surfing in advance to get the points. Every website that we see will get 1 point. Well, here 1 point can we change with our blog url address, so it means our points so opportunities for our blog to be displayed on site. Fair enough right? hehe. .
     Moreover much profit will you get in easyhits4u.comBecause in addition to our blog in the show, we can also increase traffic on our blog. instead many visitors from abroad who view our blog.Understandably,  EasyHits4U is the site from abroad. hehe. 
     Very proud that many visitors from outside our country who come to visit our blogOne more advantage for you if you follow this program, when you view 1000 website or in other words surfing as much as 1000 times, then you will get $ 0.3. there are not too many. But at least it can add pocket money at school. (I still do). hehehe. .Good luck!

1:1 Traffic Exchange

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