Facebook is the fifth Divorce Trigger Pair in America


In the past, divorce was the former ringleader of lipstick on the collar. Then, in the more modern, intimate SMS from other people so trigger separation.

Today, one in five divorces in the United States involving the social networking site Facebook, according to a survey of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

80 percent of divorce lawyers also reported a spike in the number of cases using social media like Facebook for evidence of infidelity.

Flirtatious messages and photographs found on Facebook are increasingly being used as evidence of irresponsible behavior, or differences that can not be equalized again.

Up by far the most widely used as a "media affair" with 66% of divorce lawyers call it networking sites as a primary source of evidence in the case perceraian.MySpace be in position to-2 with 15%, with 5% next Twitter and other social networking combined 14%.

In the UK, last year a law firm said that 20% percent of the divorce suit involving a date on Facebook. "The most common reason seems to be the husband or wife make inappropriate sexual chat with other people," said Mark Keenan, managing director of Divorce-Online.

Friends Reunited also faced similar allegations when they were launched to help people reconnect with classmates from the past.

An example of "abuse" up is when the star of 'Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria has accused her husband, basketball player Tony Parker kept in touch with a woman through Facebook.

Real marriage Advisory Terry said he believes some people are using up to create a life of fantasy and escape from boredom.

He said there is nothing more seductive than the 'fantasy' about something that is more ideal than real life. But, he suggested that up not to blame.

"Before social networking, there is email, prior to that phone. The issue is not up, the problem is the loss of love in your marriage," he said. (Source: AFP)

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